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Global Missions at OGC

Our God is a global God who loves all tongues, tribes, peoples, and nations. One of our core values is to send our best as seen in Acts 11:19-30. Below are just a few of the missionaries that we are proud to support.
Note: We have another number of missionary households in various closed and unreached contexts working among North Africans, nomadic peoples, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. For security purposes, we cannot list those people here.
Warren & Yukari Griffith: Mission to Japan, Japanese Student Ministry
Warren and his wife, Yukari, seek to bring the good news of the gospel to Japan through mission trips to Japan and through homestay programs in American homes.
Jason & Tahran Olson: Pioneers, Budapest, Hungary
Jason and Tahran work with a number of Pioneers' teams throughout Central Europe (Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, to name a few) in order to plan churches among the unreached peoples of this region. Most of Europe now has less than 2% of the population professing evangelical Christian faith.
Nuova Vita: Salerno, Italy
Planted in 2011 by Justin & Abbey Valiquette, Nuova Via (New Life) Church is a vibrant local expression of Christ's body in the Amalfi region of Southern Italy. In 2020 the church was handed over to three full-time Italians: Antonio Mauro, Virgilio Gallo, and Nunzia Salvini. This small team now faithfully preaches God's Word in their own native language to their own context. They have a vision for reaching the city of Salerno with the gospel and for making disciples of their fellow countrymen for God's glory.
Matthew & Annette Cummings: WEC International
Matthew and Annette Cummings and their five children are church planing in Japan. They operate the Joy Center. This is a home where they host cooking classes, English classes, events, children's church, and Bible studies.
Jarred & Shelley Jung: East Asia School of Theology
Jarred and Shelley serve with Cru at East Asia School of Theology in Singapore. As churches continue to rise among previously unreached areas throughout Asia, those ministering in these contexts often have few options for training and mentorship. At EAST they serve students from 13 different countries from all areas of Asia. They seek to develop these leaders for Gospel ministry in these contexts through classroom instruction where Jarredd is a professor of theology, group and personal mentoring, and guided ministry opportunities. Their hope is that these leaders are sent out for Great Commission ministry throughout Asia.
Matt & Bre: Asia
Matt and Bre are part of the Bible translation movement in Asia. Their team engages with marginalized language communities to help bring God's Word in their languages. Matt works with national translation teams as they translate Scriptures to help ensure accuracy and clarity. Bre works in strategic planning and training for their team and beyond.
John & Hannah Malone: US Diaspora East
John and Hannah Malone serve with Pioneers USA. They have recently taken the position of Area Leaders for the US Diaspora EAst, serving and supporting teams working among unreached people in cities all over the eastern US, as well as mobilizing and recruiting for the area.


OGC Sending Values*

Who/What Do We Support?

  • We seek to invest in people who have a clear gifting, calling, and an effective track record.
  • We seek to support those who exibit not only servanthood and holiness, but cultural intelligence and sensitivity.
  • We seek to support those who have clear goals and well-thought out strategies to pursue these goals.
  • Additionally, we seek to support those who align with our Serving Method Values as outlined below.
  • We also want to give tangible priority to people who check one or more of the following prioritized Spotlight Areas.

Spotlight Areas

  • Global Church Planting - part of our affiliation with Acts 29 is a commitment to spend 10% of our total general fund on church planting efforts domestically and globally. We have a growing domestic church planting line item that is overseen by our elders, so there is a burden on efforts that are tied to global church planting.
  • Nationals - as some of our global church planting partnerships mature and nationals begin to be raised up we should help those nationals as able take increasing ownership.
  • Places where the Holy Spirit is clearly moving - these places are going to evolve over time as God moves.
  • Acts 29 - we don’t always have to support things that are Acts 29 but we do want to give some additional consideration given our common affiliation.
  • Italy - given the long history, fruitful track record, and numerous relational ties, and the maturity of the ministry itself – we want to continue to fan the flame of the advancement of the Gospel in this context and especially in efforts coming out of Salerno.
  • Congregational, Credobaptism, and Confessional - while these distinctives are by no means firm requirements, given that our church holds these principles to be the most biblical form of ecclesiastical government and practice, we will naturally give some priority to churches who practice what we believe to be healthy and biblical ecclesiology.
  • Members - we want to continue to give consideration for people who are (or were) members at OGC, especially if those persons have any connectivity to some of the other focus areas.


Serving Method Values


  • Holistically - Reaching out to individuals and communities with the whole gospel in both word and deed in line with (or similar to) OGC’s Head, Heart, and Hands Ministry Philosophy.
  • Targeting Self-Sustaining Solutions and Focusing on Lasting Change - Honoring the dignity and giftedness of communities by engaging them in active participation in the process of serving their communities while seeking transformation and development that will have a long-term impact upon people and communities.
  • Building the Church - Committed to building, establishing, and/or working in cooperation with the local church.
  • Together with OGC - Committed to building a long-term relationship and partnership with Orlando Grace Church that engages our congregation in financial support, prayer, and encouragement.


*Taken in part from Missions Values of Christ Community Church in Bloomington, IN


If you are a missionary requesting an ongoing financial support commitment from the Missions Committee, please fill out this form.

If you are requesting financial support from the Missions Committee on a one-time basis, please fill out this form.





OGC Global Missions Committee

The Missions Committee exists to promote and support global missionaries and global church planting efforts from within OGC. The missions committee is responsible for evaluating and responding to one-time and ongoing support requests, performing evaluations of supported households, executing missions emphasis at OGC, and broadly keeping global missions visible and tangible.




Missions Committee

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