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Phase 1 Reopen Plan


We reopened starting on June 7th as we believe we can do it in a way that honors these three preconditions:

  1. We can do so in compliance with the orders and wisdom of various rulers and authorities
  2. We can do so in a “reasonably safe” environment for those with lower risks
  3. We can do so relative to the timetables of other like-minded churches

We will be meeting for Sunday service at 9:30am and 11am at 25% capacity – which for us means about 120-150 socially distanced people. We will record our the sermon and get it online on each Sunday for people who remain at home during this season. We will also livestream our service on our YouTube channel. We have also created a custom spotify playlist with all our commonly sung songs for your musical benefit.



Safety Precautions

  1. We encourage people to follow CDC guidelines regarding best practices in public (social distancing, hand washing, face touching, sneeze/cough in elbow, no physical greetings… etc.)
  2. We encourage people to follow CDC guidelines regarding people who are at greater risk (age and comorbidity factors)
  3. We strongly encourage people with any COVID-19 related symptoms and their household to watch online until all parties are 14 days symptom free
  4. We strongly encourage people with any sickness for the last three days in their household to watch online that week
  5. Middle entry front doors will be propped open
  6. No food or coffee will be provided
  7. Both hallways beyond the bathrooms will be blocked off
  8. Every other row of chairs will be removed from the worship center and we are suggesting people leave 3 seats between each household
  9. No offering plate will be passed but one giving station will be at either exit
  10. No communion plate will be passed and it will be served up front with a socially distanced line and without anyone touching anyone else’s elements
  11. We encourage people to wear masks while doing congregational singing as there is reliable data that shows that singing can be on par with coughing
  12. We will reserve the far right section of the worship center for those who will wear masks during the entire service and prefer the additional layer of safety that comes with that
  13. People will be asked to leave the worship center 15 minutes after the morning benediction so that it can be disinfected by the service team with EPA certified SARS-COV-2 killing disinfectants
  14. People will be asked to leave the lobby 30 minutes after the benediction and the lobby will then be disinfected using SARS-COV-2 killing disinfectants
  15. Post-Sunday morning service will be disinfected by the service team and Sunday evening service will be disinfected by our professional janitorial service
  16. Initially no childcare will be provided but W2 and W4 will be open for parent provided care of 0-2 year olds (note: there will be a limit of three households in each room and most toys will be removed)
  17. The playground will remain closed but the outside areas are free for people to converse at social distance
  18. We will have a series of Purell-like high alcohol sanitizer stations everywhere throughout the facilities and we encourage people to use them frequently
  19. We will have some signage in various high visibility places to remind people of all norms and best practices

Social Norms - CroppedParents of wiggly kids (2 – elementary) will be accommodated in three ways

  1. Single-Use Activity Bags - there will be disposable activity bags at two developmental levels – younger kids who cannot read and older kids who can – we encourage parents to wait until the sermon to deploy these to maximize their usefulness
  2. Service Length - we will try to keep the overall service length to about an hour
  3. “Ride Swap” - parents who know their kids just won’t make it through an hour long service can elect to send one parent to one service and another parent to another. For single parents we can potentially assist within our Community Groups on a case by case basis. There is also the option of watching online.


  1. Do we need to wear masks?

We ask that you wear masks while you enter and exit the facilities and overall encourage you to follow CDC guidelines and best practices.


  1. Will you be using EPA certified products to disinfect commonly touched surfaces? Are these products safe?

Yes and Yes.

In between services we will be disinfecting the building and before Sunday morning our professional cleaning crew will be disinfecting. For fabric surfaces we will be using an organic compound through a fogger machine that is EPA certified to kill SARS-COV-2. For commonly touched surfaces we will be utilizing a spray bleach compound. For both applications of these disinfectants we will have all people out of those areas during applications. To ensure safety while disinfecting, people will be ushered out of the worship center after the service.


  1. How long is phase one?

We don’t know yet but will be actively monitoring things closely. We will take into advisement from federal, state, and local governments, along with CDC best practices and dialogue with other local churches.


  1. Will there be a limit on number of kids in cry rooms to encourage social distancing also?

Yes, there will be a limit of 3 households each in W2 or W4. Both rooms will be open for both services.


  1. How many phases do you anticipate before "return to normal?"

We don’t know yet, but our best guess is 2 or 3 phases.


  1. If recorded at 9:30 am, when will feed be uploaded for watch? You can also view our livestream on our YouTube channel.

It will likely vary a bit week to week but probably early afternoon


  1. We are a household of 1 or 2 people, can we adopt one other consistent family and not sit 3 seats apart? We are a household that has already adopted one other consistent family unit during quarantine – can we also sit together?

Yes and Yes. We just ask that you not change your adopted household so as introduce additional unnecessary risk factors.


  1. Will you have a limit of the number of people who are in the building?

Yes. We will have our door greeters be counting and limiting to 150 total people (25% capacity) for both services.