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A Primer on Joshua


Joshua is one of the most pivotal books of the Old Testament in terms of its historical narrative. Exodus gets a huge amount of attention, but the exodus of the Israelites only matters if they end up in the promised land. In many ways, Joshua is the hinge that holds the first five books of the Old Testament to the following 33....

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Decoding the Prophets

Decoding the Prophets - 11-6-18

The prophets were sent to prosecute the Israelites for the way they carried out their covenant with God. Sometimes they came to proclaim blessings (based on Deut. 28:1-14 and Lev. 26:1-13) and Israel (or Judah) would receive favor from God usually either in the realm of nature or war. Often, though, the prophets came to proclaim curses (based on Deut. 4:25-28; 28:15-68; 29...

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An Easier Way to Read Revelation

Jim Davis - An Easier Way to Read Revelation - 10-22-18

Revelation isn’t meant to be read as one chronological set of events, but one set of events repeated seven times. Imagine watching the final play of a football game seven times from seven different camera angles....

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