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A Kingdom Perspective on Prayer Requests

A Kingdom Perspective on Prayer Requests

We’ve all been guilty of it: Treating God like a slot machine or a genie. We turn to him only in order to determine what we can get from him......

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Decoding the Prophets

Decoding the Prophets - 11-6-18

The prophets were sent to prosecute the Israelites for the way they carried out their covenant with God. Sometimes they came to proclaim blessings (based on Deut. 28:1-14 and Lev. 26:1-13) and Israel (or Judah) would receive favor from God usually either in the realm of nature or war. Often, though, the prophets came to proclaim curses (based on Deut. 4:25-28; 28:15-68; 29...

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An Easier Way to Read Revelation

Jim Davis - An Easier Way to Read Revelation - 10-22-18

Revelation isn’t meant to be read as one chronological set of events, but one set of events repeated seven times. Imagine watching the final play of a football game seven times from seven different camera angles....

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DIY Religion - What is it and Why it Doesn't Work

DIY Religion

Yesterdays professors are today’s ideas without genealogies....

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The Poison of Discontentment

Joe Torres - The Poison of Discontentment - 10-22-18

Fight the fight against discontentment. Cling to Christ as your all-surpassing treasure. Partner with his people as they live a pilgrim life in this broken and dissatisfied world....

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My Empty Shelf

Kelly Simpson - My Empty Shelf - 10-22-18

I long for margins in the midst of expectations and for breathing room to be able to enjoy where I am. My empty shelf will help with that. I won’t fill my life, time, and schedule to capacity. I will leave space for the unexpected and delightful....

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